Help us build a place of peace on the Fraser Coast

Fraser Coast Hospice will be a place of peace, respect and care.
Our goal will be to assist our patients to live their remaining days in comfort and dignity.
The Hospice will be an alternative to dying at home or in hospital.

A contribution so small you won't notice it

To fund the Hospice, we are appealing to the Fraser Coast community to donate a small amount each month through an automatic deduction.

Depending on your means, this amount might be the price of a cup of coffee, or the cost of a restaurant meal, but always an amount that is not burden to you.


Becomes a regular flow of income

When enough people come together for a cause, real change can happen. The contributions will fund facilities, staff and supplies at the Hospice.


And a deep resource for the future

With time, we hope to expand the services offered by the Hospice. We have generous contributions from the Government, but the help of the Fraser Coast community will be vital to these plans.

Hospice Image