A place of peace
on the Fraser Coast

A place of peace
on the Fraser Coast

FRASER COAST HOSPICE is a 6 bed purpose built in patient facility that offers a flexible client and family centred model of care. We provide free care to anyone in the community over 18 years of age who has terminal illness. It is governed by a Board or Management, elected by the Fraser Coast Hospice Association. Day to day operations are led by the Director of Care in conjunction with the Administration Team Leader.

In establishing a Hospice, we forged partnerships with Toowoomba and Ipswich Hospice, which are embraced by their communities. Our charter and mission have been guided by these partnerships.

People in their final phase of their life are recognised as some of the most vulnerable members of our community. For many, the special care needs that they wish for and require during that final phase of their life, which can be difficult and complicated, are not readily available at home or in an acute hospital setting.

The Hospice will provide a safe, welcoming space, where clients and loved ones can feel supported. It allows family members to resume their roles as spouse, child, parent or concerned friend, and step back from the role of carer, which many families struggle to cope with.

The caring role at the Hospice is shared with dedicated nursing staff and volunteers, supported by several other professionals, such as the General Practitioner or Palliative Care Physician, Allied Health and Pastoral Care as required. The Hospice will also seek to provide after care and support for families by providing support for families, through bereavement support, re-union events and remembrance services.

We recognise this will require ongoing good-will and partnerships with concerned citizens of our local community, the local business community, local government, state and federal government, other health professionals, universities and training providers, and, very importantly, volunteers.

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Support this vital community resource

The Fraser Coast Hospice has future approval for an additional three beds, as well as a community outreach program. We have received generous contributions from the Government, but the help of the Fraser Coast community will be vital to these plans. If you would like to donate to the Hospice, there are numerous ways to do so.

For more information, visit our Contributions page.