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The Hospice

The Wide Bay community welcomes people from all over to live in this beautiful part of the world.

Let’s build a special place – a Hospice – to make sure that the end of a life spent on the Fraser Coast can be as good as the time spent living here.

About the project

In September 2018, concerned health care professionals came together to express their hopes to provide enhanced care for those in our community with a terminal illness. For many, the special care needs that they wish for and require during that final phase of their life, which can be difficult and complicated, are not readily available at home or in an acute hospital setting.

Partnering with and modelled on successful Hospice Associations in other Queensland communities, Fraser Coast Hospice Association seeks to build a brand new dedicated 6 bed, stand-alone facility, with land available and building design to accommodate for expansion to 9 or 12 beds in the future.

We have forged partnerships with Toowoomba and Ipswich Hospices, which are embraced by their communities. Our charter and mission will be guided by these partnerships.

The facility will be a free service for any family with a loved one with a terminal illness of any type, who require special care during the final phase of their life.

Why Hervey Bay needs the Hospice

The Fraser Coast population in 2016 was over 102 000, with a projected population of 147,000 in 2036. We are one of the fastest growing regional urban communities in Australia, with over 34 000 residents (33%) being over 60 years of age. The age group projected to have the largest increases on the Fraser Coast is “seniors” – that is those over 70 years of age.

There are more than 25 people each month dying in our Fraser Coast community from a terminal illness, and future demographic projections are that this number will double in the next 15 years.

The current options for those dying and their families are dying at home, dying in a nursing home or dying in hospital. Whilst about 80% of people have a preference to die in their home with their family, nationally only about 16% achieve this wish. The vast majority die in a hospital setting. This may be in the busy emergency service at Hervey Bay Hospital, or in an acute medical ward.

End of life and managing symptoms and care is often very stressful to everyone concerned, and many families feel unable to physically and emotionally care for a very unwell loved one around the clock, day after night after day, in their home. This is particularly true for the aging carers struggling to care for their loved ones.

The Fraser Coast Hospice will be a homely 24- hour facility with trained specialist staff whom aim to provide a compassionate and peaceful alternative to those families struggling at home or confronted by busy acute hospital wards and emergency departments.

With high unemployment rates in Fraser Coast, similar hospices employ over 34 part time staff (from nursing, allied health, administration, catering, cleaning), the equivalent of 17-20 FTE. In similar hospices in regional Australia, over 150 volunteers provide additional holistic and ancillary support to the patients, families and the facility.

Partnerships with the education sector (TAFE, training colleges, university) provide critical student placements for many allied health, nursing, assistant nursing, and personal carers.

Building Costs of $3m and annual ongoing operational costs of over $2m will be invested back into this region benefiting the local economy, community and businesses.

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How you can help

Funding has been secured to build a purpose-built facility, and for the initial 3 year operational costs from the Federal Government as part of the Hinkler Regional Deal. The Fraser Coast Regional Council has also contributed by supplying a large block of land on Urraween Road on an initial 25 year peppercorn lease.

It is proposed that following this grant, a combination of block funding from government departments, community fundraising, bequeathing, and contributions from private health funds will facilitate the ongoing success and sustainability of the Fraser Coast Hospice.

We ask you to consider leaving a bequest to the Hospice in your will. For family and friends, we have a donation method that will allow you to give a small amount each money from your credit card.

Read more on our Contributions page.