See Our Fraser Coast Hospice Information Brochure (in PDF format) for more information.

Voluntary Assisted Dying

Fraser Coast Hospice does not provide voluntary assisted dying services.

If you wish to access voluntary assisted dying, we will help you to do this.

For some parts of the process you may need to be transferred to and from another place, so you can access voluntary assisted dying. We will facilitate this transfer if it is needed and ensure it does not impact your care or condition.

Fraser Coast Hospice will continue providing other medical care and treatment to people who are accessing voluntary assisted dying.

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Make A Referral

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I'm a medical professional

Fraser Coast Hospice offers admitting rights to medical professionals to lead the care of their patients at the Hospice, in conjunction with the Registered Nurse on duty.

Applying for Admitting Rights

To apply for Admitting Rights at Fraser Coast Hospice, please complete the form below and our Director of Care will contact you directly.